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Welcome to the 2024 Open Water swimming page

The Cumbria Open Water League (COWL) is returning for its sixth season hosted by Epic Events Management.

There are some important changes to the 2024 COWL due to changes to the Epic Events open water swim series.

There are now only three events in the Epic swim series;
Epic Ullswater: Saturday 1 st June
Epic Coniston: Sunday 7 th July
Epic Windermere: Sunday 11 th August

Epic Events have also amended their distances and minimum age requirements for each distance. The amendments are;
750m = 11 years
1500m = 14 years
3km and 5Km = 17 years

What do these changes mean to COWL 2024?

At the County Executive Meeting on 28th January it was agreed that the following changes are made to the COWL for 2024;

1. The championship results will now be calculated from a swimmers best two results out of the three events.
2. Age and distances will now be;
  • 11, 12 and 13 years swim 750m
  • 14, 15 and 16 years swim 1500m
  • 17 years and Over swim 3000m
3. We will introduce a Masters category as a trial event (no Championship medals) for 2024 for age groups V40/V50/V60/V70 to swim 1500m. (The Masters categories align with Epic Events Veteran categories.)
4. The age category will be based on the swimmers age at the time of their first Epic swim in 2024.

COWL entry conditions and risk assessment will be posted on the Swim Cumbria web page soon. It is important that every competitor and their parent/guardian (if under 18) read these.

Other events / dates for your diaries are;
SENWR Open Water Championship Sat 29th June at Sale Water Park.
Based on SE 2023 season categories it is anticipated that the age/distance categories for 2024 may be;
  • 12/13yrs swim 2Km;
  • 14/15 yrs swim 3Km;
  • 16yrs and Over swim 5Km
  • Master Events (Can only enter one) = 1.5Km or 3Km
Confirmation of the above will be made once SENWR publish the entry conditions.

Please also note that depending on the water temperature at Sale Water Park on Sat 29th June, the SENWR Championship may be a NON-WETSUIT event!
Swimmers and Parents/Guardians are strongly advised to read the entry conditions and rules thoroughly to understand the ruling on permissible swimwear in the event that this is is a mandatory Non-wetsuit competition.

COWL 2024 - Entry Conditions

Risk Assessment COWL 2024


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