Licensed Officials

It is possible to check that all your qualifications are recorded on the central database correctly. Use the link below and type in your membership number or surname to do the basic membership check:

Use the member options to enable you to see additional information and choose if you wish others to be able to view any additional information. You should be able to see all your qualifications and what mandatory CPD courses such as the FINA Rules Update and Contemporary Issues module you have attended in order to maintain your official's licence.

The FINA Rules Update, Contemporary Issues must be recorded on the database to enable you to re-license. If for any reason these or any other qualifications are missing from your records please contact

If you experience any problems logging-in to view your qualifications this is most likely because the email address held on the central database does not match the address you are currently using. The email address used by the membership check is the one submitted via your club registration officer included with the the annual return. It may or may not be the same one you have chosen to receive swimming officials news or other swimming publications.  If you change your email address or move house please ensure that you advise your club registration officer so that your details can be updated.

Officials are licensed for the highest qualification they have achieved. However, the role of the Starter is the exception to the rule. If you have qualified as a Starter/Judge 2S then you need to ensure that you have worked as a Starter on at least two occasions during the four year period of your licence if you wish to continue to be a licensed Starter. 

Approximately 2 months before your licence expires you will receive a reminder together with the renewal form.  This form will need to be completed and returned together with a new photograph.  You can submit your photograph online.  There is a renewal fee however Cumbria has agreed to pay licensing fees via ASA North West Region. 

As mentioned above you will need to ensure that you have undertaken the FINA Rules Update and the Contemporary Issues module before you can renew your licence. Attendance at these modules is being recorded centrally and will be checked before renewal can take place.

Following the renewal process a new licence card will be issued. This will be valid for 4 years from the date at which your current licence expires.


How the electronic/email invitation system works

  1. During the testing phase the website address is

To log on: Your user name is your ASA Membership Number. Click on the forgotten password button and you will be e-mailed (to the address on file) a password, which can then be changed if you wish.

  1. Organiser:

When a meet organiser needs to source technical officials for a meet, be that at county or club level, he/she can use the site to enter the meet details, mileage/expenses rates, uniform requirements etc. After these parameters have been set they can then select the individuals that they wish to invite to the meet based on distance from the venue, qualification (Timekeeper, J1, J2, J2(S) or Referee), licensed or unlicensed and so on. Having made their selection the system will then generate an e-mail and send it to the selected recipients, inviting them to the event.

One of the major features of this system is that at no time during this process will the personal details of the technical official(s) be visible to any meet organiser, all they will be able to see is name, qualification, licensed or not and distance they live from the venue. Anyone who has opted out of having their details disseminated as a result of their choices in reply to the ASA letter, or license application form, will NOT be included in the data base that drives this system.

As replies are received (see below) the meet organiser will be able to see who has replied and who hasn’t.

  1. Recipient of an invitation:

Should you be invited to a meet using this system, you will receive an e-mail invitation which will include a link to the web-site

Once logged on, you will then see the meet(s) that you have been invited to. In order to reply to the organiser for that meet, you need to ‘set your status’, this is done by selecting your availability option from the drop down box and clicking on the ‘set my status’ button. If the meet is over a number of days or has multiple sessions then you may need to set your status for each.

If your circumstances change prior to the meet then you can change your status using the edit button at the side of your meets list. Once you have done this, that’s it!

In order that you can have a go, a dummy meet has been set up, so once you are logged in you will have at least one meet to play with and see what is displayed. The meet is called Example Meet and is on Christmas Day !!


In order for this system to work it needs two things:

·        firstly your support; it’s new so there will be the inevitable settling in period whilst people get used to how it works. It is hoped that once it’s up and fully running and with everyone’s support, the life of the organiser will be a great deal simpler.

·        secondly the system needs to know you current e-mail address, so please ensure that you have supplied your latest address. You can update your details including preferences about visibility to gala organizers by clicking on the “Edit yourname Details” link at the top right hand side of the site.

 Please note: in order to function the website only requires your name, postcode and email address, if you wish to provide emergency contact details and your contact phone numbers that would be appreciated. There is no need to provide data of birth or postal address.


Technical Officials and CRB checking

Question: Do officials require a CRB check for their role?

Answer: A list of roles within swimming and their risk category was provided in Wavepower 2009/11, section 2, page 41.  All the roles listed as risk grade 1 (high risk) require a mandatory CRB enhanced disclosure in accordance with the ASA Child Safeguarding Policy and Procedures. The roles listed as risk grade 2 (medium risk) include the Technical Official roles such as a timekeeper or referee.  Medium risk specifies that level 2 roles may give the possible opportunity for one to one contact with a child or groups of children capable of building a relationship of trust. 

In accordance with CRB guidance most officials will not require a CRB check.  This is because officials are generally not required in their role to talk to children and young people whilst they are officiating.  If a child approaches an official to ask a question or request assistance they should be directed to the appropriate coach, poolside helper or chaperone.  If a referee needs to speak to a child this should always be done through or with the child's coach.  Therefore the opportunity for the official to have one to one or group contact is not present.

Officials may in some cases have to use the same changing rooms as the children and young people to change into their "whites" and shoes.   An official does not require a CRB check due to the fact that they may have to use the same changing facilities as the children and young people.

 In many circumstances officials will have changed into their "whites" prior to arrival at the pool or the children and young people will have vacated the changing rooms for warm-up sessions prior to the arrival of officials and some venues may also be able to provide a separate room for officials if this is required.  The ASA does have a Changing Room Policy and clubs should adhere to this guidance when running events or general club sessions. 

In some cases officials may have a dual role within a club e.g. an official at a club timed training session/championship may not only be officiating they may also be communicating with the children on their performance overlapping into a poolside helper role.  If an official is acting beyond their role the Welfare Officer will need to assess whether the additional duties bring the official into a risk grade 1 requiring a mandatory CRB check.   If Welfare Officers are unsure whether a CRB is required they can contact the CRB Coordinator for clarification.

If clubs require further guidance on the above please contact the ASA CRB Coordinator with your enquiry at

Technical Officials

Swimming Technical Officials are a central part of every swimming event and play an important role in ensuring the events run smoothly, safely and within the sport's regulations. Without the expertise of dedicated, experienced volunteers, who give up their time for free, events simply would not happen.

So, if you would rather not spend your time as a spectator in the gallery but would like learn new skills and make a contribution to the sport then officiating could be for you!

How do you become a Swimming Technical Official?
You must be a member of a club so that you are insured for your activity on the poolside.  

The first step on the ladder is to become a Timekeeper and you  must be at least 14 years of age to commence this qualification. Courses leading to this qualification provide an introduction to the world of the swimming officials and cover the practical aspects of what is required of a timekeeper by means of a short theory session followed by a practical experience/assessment. A workbook will be provided that gives all the information that you need to know. Once the assessment is successfully completed you can officiate on the poolside at any event.

Judge Level 1
Once you have reached the age of 15 then you are eligible to become a Judge 1 which encompasses the role and duties of a Timekeeper (if not already completed), Chief Timekeeper and Inspector of Turns. Traditionally, material for this course has been via a workbook with several workshops and practical training on the poolside with a mentor. Once the final assessment has been completed the Judge 1 qualification allows you to be a Timekeeper and be a Turn Judge. At this stage you will be encouraged to become a Licensed Official (see later).
However, Judge 1 training is currently being updated and from January 2020 Judge 1 training will be via a new online process, hosted by the Institute of Swimming (IOS). Candidates will have to create an online IOS profile and then register online for the course, this will allow them to register and complete theory sections of the course online at any time convenient to them. Payment will be made online or by an IOS voucher process. Further details are to follow. 

Judge Level 2
The minimum age to start training for Judge 2 is 16 years and candidates must have already qualified as Judge 1 and completed 15 hours post qualification experience as a Judge 1. Judge 2 encompasses the role and duties in relation to judging stroke and finish.   

Judge Level 2S
Once you have completed the Judge 2 qualification and have 15 hours post qualification experience as a Judge 2 you are then eligible to continue to Judge 2S (Starter) which is completed in the same manner. Judge 2S qualifies you to start a race.

Referee is the final step and you will be eligible once you are a Judge 2(S). The minimum age for training is 19 years providing the candidate is aged 20 years as at 30 November in the year of the theory examination. You must be a Starter for at least 1 year with a minimum of 10 hours post qualification experience in that role at the time of the application.Training takes almost a year under the guidance of a dedicated course leader and at the end there is a written examination and will contain theoretical instruction and specified practical experiences. It is followed by a formal examination in November after which successful candidates take a final poolside practical assessment leading to qualification as a British Swimming Referee.

Application forms must be submitted by 31 December of the previous year to allow sufficient time for completion of training in preparation for the November examination.

This qualifications achieved will allow you to officiate at events throughout Scotland, England and Wales as the courses are the same in all of the home countries.

Licensed officials 

Becoming a Licensed Official demonstrate that officials have undertaken education or training to ensure they competent and are up to date with their knowledge. The licensing scheme helps to 

  • promote high standards
  • provide a framework for continuous improvement and Continuous Professional Development CPD
  • commits the holder to uphold the appropriate Home Country Code of Ethics in swimming
  • be part of a regulated and developing career structure

Applying and renewing a licence

To apply for your first licence you will need a passport size photograph. The licence costs £10 and lasts for four years. The cost is borne by either Cumbria ASA or swim England North West. 

You will need to provide evidence as part of your application, including proof you have attended mandatory courses such as the Official’s Awareness/ Contemporary Issues module or the FINA Rules Update.

A Course Leader, Referee or other authorised official is needed to sign off each element. There are also elective options to complete on the form. You will need to use your log book to provide evidence where appropriate.


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