at 24/08/2017

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Records set prior to July 2002 may have been set in pools other than 50m in length and converted to long course times using ASA Equivalent Performance Tables

Entries in bold are records which were bettered, or set for the first time, in 2017

(S) indicates a split time

(R) indicates first leg of a team event
50m Free Matthew Bowe Barrow 23.02 Sheffield  2008
100m Free   Matthew Bowe Barrow 50.49 Sheffield  2007
200m Free   Fraser Minnican Loughborough University/Barrow 1,52.94 Sheffield 2015
400m Free   Fraser Minnican Loughborough University/Barrow 4,03.11 Sheffield 2015
800m Free Thomas Millburn Cockermouth 8,34.42 (S) Sheffield 2015
1500m Free Thomas Millburn Cockermouth 16,17.43 Sheffield 2015
50m Back   Joe Elwood Loughborough University/Ulverston 25.45 Sheffield 2015
100m Back  Luke Greenbank GB/Cockermouth 54.64 Baku, Azerbaijan 2015
200m Back  Luke Greenbank GB/Cockermouth 1,56.89 Baku, Azerbaijan 2015
50m Breast  Craig Elliot Cockermouth 28.6 Glasgow 2009
100m Breast  Craig Elliot Cockermouth 1,02.00 Sheffield 2008
200m Breast  Edward Baxter GB/Co Derby/Cockermouth 2,13.03 Hungary 2016
50m Fly Matthew Bowe Barrow 24.56 Glasgow  2009
100m Fly Matthew Bowe Barrow 52.4 Glasgow 2009
200m Fly Matthew Bowe   Barrow             1,59.21 Sheffield  2005
200m IM  Fraser Minnican       Barrow    2,03.97 Sheffield     2013
400m IM  Fraser Minnican             Barrow 4,22.22 Sheffield 2013

50m Free Emma Sandwith Cockermouth     26.96 Sheffield 2003
100m Free Anna Newlands  Stockport Metro/Cockermouth     57.82 Sheffield        2015
200m Free
Lucy McKenzie
Stockport Metro/Cockermouth      2,01.41(R) Sheffield 2015
400m Free Lucy McKenzie Stockport Metro/Cockermouth        4,14.96 Sheffield 2016
800m Free Lucy McKenzie Stockport Metro/Cockermouth     8,57.30 Antwerp, Belgium 2016
1500m Free Ashleigh Dale Barrow     17,52.14 Liverpool 2010
50m Back Anna Newlands Edinburgh University/Cockermouth     29.79 Aberdeen 2017
100m Back Anna Newlands Edinburgh University/Cockermouth     1,03.03 Edinburgh 2017
200m Back Anna Newlands Edinburgh University/Cockermouth     2,13.29 Sheffield        2017
50m Breast  Rebecca Fell Co Manchester Aquatics/Ulverson     33.53 Sheffield 2015
100m Breast  Kathryn Burke Cockermouth     1,12.3 Georgia, USA 1997
200m Breast  Lucy McKenzie Stockport Metro/Cockermouth     2,34.99 Sheffield 2015
50m Fly Anna Newlands Edinburgh University/Cockermouth     27.68 Sheffield 2017
100m Fly Anna Newlands Edinburgh University/Cockermouth     1,00.52 Edinburgh        2017
200m Fly Anna Newlands Cockermouth      2,14.83 Glasgow        2014
200m IM Lucy McKenzie Stockport Metro/Cockermouth     2,14.79 Sheffield 2015
400m IM 
Lucy McKenzie
Stockport Metro/Cockermouth     4,45.22 Sheffield 2015
100m Free  Michael Stephenson Cockermouth 51.97 Sheffield 2002
100m Back Luke Greenbank Cockermouth 55.38 Nanjing, China        2014
100m Breast  Edward Baxter Cockermouth 1,04.43 London 2015
100m Fly  Luke Greenbank Cockermouth 54,97 Sheffield 2014
200m IM Fraser Minnican Barrow 2,04.85 Sheffield 2012
100m Free Emma Sandwith        Cockermouth 58.34 Sheffield 2002
100m Back Ellinor Southward Ellesmere College/Cockermouth 1,03.05 Sunderland 2017
100m Breast  Kathryn Burke Cockermouth 1,13.1 Aberdeen 1993
100m Fly Anna Newlands Cockermouth 1,01.73 Glasgow 2014
200m IM Lucy McKenzie Cockermouth 2,18.55 Sheffield 2013





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